Why did I get involved with Pulseroll?

How I broke my neck – My Story

So 2016 was the year I hit 50! So me being me I decided to do something slightly off the cuff and crazy and decided to enter a ’dead lifting competition’!

Training was going well and I was improving every week until 2 weeks before the competition – March 3rd 2016 will haunt me forever……..Helen's broken neck

I was practicing my usual 100kg squat when I heard and felt my neck snap – the bar had rolled. Within minutes I knew I had to get to A and E as soon as possible as my neck was seizing up. I was rushed in, examined, x rayed and scanned – and then the news I dreaded – the doctor sat me down and told me that the weight of the bar had completely fractured my Spinous Process at C7…….. all I could think of was how was I going to teach my Pilates classes and would I be paralyzed. I was also told that the break was so severe the bone would never fuse again.

Without going into all the minor details the next few months were very difficult, my main issue was lack of movement with my scapulae (shoulder blades) so my arm movements were limited, it was like being semi paralyzed muscularly not neurally. however I soldiered on teaching and presenting.

November 2016 was to change my life….I was invited to present Pilates for FitCamps. I was driving to Blackpool when one of my true best friends Chico (yes the x factor favourite) called me, he was teaching there too and asked me to see him as soon as I arrived as he had something to show me…… the Pulseroll!

At this point I still had shoulder restrictions, he laid me down and placed the Pulseroll across my thoracic spine (upper back) as I laid on the roller I knew this was going to help me. It ended up changing my life.

As soon as I got back home I ordered my own Pulseroll and within 2 months of using the roller I was down to 1 physio a month instead of weekly and I had full range of movement through my shoulders.

My neck is still broken and will remain broken, the bone is held in place with fibrous connective tissue, however, using my Pulseroll regularly maintains my full range of movement by breaking down fascia, connective tissue, scar tissue and muscle tension in my thoracic spine, plus I am back to training at the gym 3 x a week!

Special thanks goes to my soul bro Chico and to Pulseroll director Paul McCabe without you guys and my Pulseroll….well who knows…..

I am super proud now to be part of the Pulseroll management team as their Master presenter which means I get to showcase, share my story and inspire others on all of the major Fitness and Pilates conventions UK wide travelling further afield in 2017 to Ibiza and Athens where i filmed my showcase for a live channel that reaches out to Mind Body enthusiasts in 28 countries worldwide.

For more understanding on fascia and connective tissue have a look at this video.