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Helen Pybus
Have you always wanted to try Pilates? 
I am offering a FREE Pilates class for all new customers. 
No pressure to sign up, just come along and see what you think.
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Beginners Pilates
This is the Pilates foundation class – designed to take you step by step through the 6 principles behind the Pilates technique and to help you build familiarity with Pilates mat exercises. 

You will learn how to develop better posture by increasing core strength, improve balance and stability and increase mobility and flexibility – this is what Pilates is famous for! 

Perfect for those new to Pilates, we focus on teaching you the fundamentals that will allow you to move with more freedom, control and precision in your everyday life.
Improvers Pilates
Once familiarised with the Pilates method, the fundamental movements and you have built up your core strength you can then challenge yourself further. 

Improvers Pilates offers you more challenging movements. 

We combine the movements using small pieces of equipment to take you to the next level, including foam roller, balance pads, fitness circle, flex bands, toning balls and the small ball.  
Chair Exercise
This fun, chair-based exercise class is for those who would like to improve their health and well being but struggle to get on and off the floor.

The aim of the class is to improve your mobility, flexibility and core strength, as well as improving posture, reducing joint and back pain and enhancing balance, by using the ‘chair’ to do standing stability work.

You'll use small equipment such as small balls and flex bands, and Helen's famous hedgehogs will also make an occasional appearance. 
Online Classes with Helen
 Chair Exercise Online
Helen brings her brilliant Chair Exercise sessions to your living room! 
Enjoy new, real-time workouts with Helen each month. 
Existing Class Members: £10pm
Non Members: £20pm
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 Pilates Classes Online
Enjoy Helen's signature Pilates classes in the comfort of your own home, with new multi-level classes being added every month,
Existing Class Members: £10pm
Non Members: £20pm
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 More Info
Our monthly memberships are flexible to suit you. You can choose the package that best suits your preferences, and you can cancel anytime. 
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Helen has been organising retreats around the world since 2008. 
For more information on all retreats, please email Helen at
Sunday 27th June-Sunday 4th July
Monday 19th July-Friday 23rd July
Friday 21st May-Friday 28th May
2021 Dates Coming Soon
High Lodge Mindfulness Retreat 
About Helen...
Helen Pybus is one of the UK’s most sought after Pilates Presenters having been actively involved in the mind body field on a national level since 2002. During that time she has studied a variety of disciplines and has taught and tutored the Pilates method worldwide. 

She is a proud tutor and student mentor for worldwide Pilates legend Michael King @MKPilates and continually studies and trains in Pilates with world-renowned masters of the method, so she can give her clients the very best there is to offer. 

Helen currently holds  3 x Level 3 Pilates Diplomas, Level 3 Exercise/GP Referral, Level 4 Management of Lower Back Pain, Chair Exercise Diploma, Bone Health Diploma, and Pelvic Floor.

Helen’s skills and dedication have been noticed by other professionals within the industry on many occasions. Since 2002 Helen has taken time to share her knowledge with others at an international level, presenting Pilates worldwide on retreats,  at major fitness conventions across the UK and guest presenting her masterclasses at Champneys Health Resorts across the UK, Michael King Pilates, Fitness Fiesta, FitCamps, Potters Resort, YogaFit Ibiza and Revitalise Kefalonia.

Since 2017 Helen has represented the UK presenting Pilates at Europe’s leading fitness convention alongside the industry elite at the International Fitness Showcase and was recently named runner up in National Presenter of the Year at FITCAMPS, the UK’s second-largest fitness convention!

Helen recently came 2nd in Female Fitness Instructor of the year at the Fit Pro UK awards 2020, and was also named ‘Community Hero of the Week’ at the end of 2020 for her dedication to keeping her community mentally and physically fit and well!

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Meet Helen's Team
Helen has built a team of friendly and highly experienced of industry professionals to ensure you have the best instruction and experience. 
After being inspired by a Pilates Institute Masterclass led by Michael King I studied the Pilates technique before obtaining my Level 2 qualification in 2003. I have been fortunate to teach it in local gyms, to colleagues at work and also abroad in Fitness First Gyms . I was interested to continue my training to further extend my knowledge. I realised the benefits and wanted to share my knowledge to help people, I did my Level 3 Training with Body Control Pilates in 2012 and I am currently working towards my MK Pilates diploma with Michael King. Pilates has become my passion. I love meeting people from all walks of life and seeing the benefits Pilates can bring to people .

With over 10 years experience in the fitness and dance industry, Stuart's began as a Dancer around the UK and Dance Captain for Bourne Leisure before moving into Fitness. He has worked his way up in his fitness career and is now the manager of Palms Health Club, alongside teaching Fitness and Dance classes. He says the best thing is combining them both...what better way to workout than having fun and doing something you love.
Teacher Training with Helen
 New Dates Coming Soon
Courses and education for fitness and health professionals, Pilates teachers and personal trainers.
 New Dates Coming Soon
Courses held at venues across the UK, overseas and online on a variety of topics. 
 New Dates Coming Soon
Up-skill and refresh your knowledge to ensure you are continually bringing your clients the most up to date content.
'In 10 sessions you’ll feel the difference, in 20 sessions you’ll see a difference, and in 30 sessions you’ll have a new body' -Joseph Pilates
1:1 & Small Group Pilates with Helen
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Platinum Pilates
An EXCLUSIVE VIP service from me to you. You provide the venue, I travel to you.

Work full time? Too tired to exercise when you get home? Over stressed? Sound familiar?
Have a small group of like wise friends ?

Helen's Platinum Pilates service offers you an exclusive weekend (Friday, Saturday or Sunday) service where I come to you for small group training for half a day. 
You choose the Pilates classes (see below) and I provide the teaching.

Class formats include; Matwork beginners, intermediate, advanced, Toning balls, Weights, Foam Roller, Fitness Circle, Small Ball, Flexband, Flexband Loop, Trigger Point (with spiky balls), Pilates Stretch, Chiball Massage, Pilates with Mindfulness, Pelvic Floor, Wooden Poles. 
2 classes £250
 (based on 8 people = £31.25 pp)
3 classes £300 
(based on 8 people = £37.50 pp)
Plus 45p per mile.
(100 mile radius max)
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1:1 Pilates
Would you like a little more knowledge about Pilates prior to coming to class? 
Helen offers a 1-1 induction to help you familiarise yourself with the Pilates technique, some basic movements and the Pilates principles.


Do you have a specific condition such as back pain, osteoporosis, sciatica, pelvic floor dysfunction, rheumatoid/osteoarthritis or maybe you are post op knee or hip replacement? 

Helen offers private sessions on a 1-1 basis to create a personalised programme specifically for individual needs and conditions.


Are you simply too busy to get to a class and would like some at-home 1-1 Pilates training. Ideal for those with a busy lifestyle.

Member price £45.00 1 hour
Non member price £50.00 1 hour
To book, email
Small Group Pilates
Helen runs small group Pilates throughout the year, delivering specialised 6 week courses based around specific areas of interest. 

Be sure to enter your name and email address above to stay up to date with the latest dates, times and venues. 
What Are People Saying About Helen?
Block Fit Creator
Helen Pybus is an enigma... if she wasn't born we would have to invent her. 

A rare breed in this day & age. Her energy is infectious, her heart is bigger than the universe & is just a total out & out beautiful soul. But don't let the Pilates title fool you cause she can lift some seriously heavyweight too so don't mess with her ??? But jokes aside she's a prolific teacher loved by all who meet her. She's become a legend on the fitness scene because wherever she goes you're guaranteed a great class & a great time... and when you hear her big hearty laughter it means
Helen's arrived.... which mean just one thing, get your party head-on & get the party started. 

But to me, she'll always be my soul sister from another mister who is in a circle of those who make my heart smile.

I couldn't possibly give anyone a greater compliment.
Lydia Campbell, FitCamps & 
Trigger Point Pilates Director
Helen Pybus is one of the most proactive ladies in the fitness industry in the UK, she motivates others to learn and experience new ways to get fit through her infectious bubbly humorous nature when teaching. She is a long-standing presenter and has recently joined the FitCamps presenting team gaining great feedback at the Annual FitCamps Instructor convention, She always keeps up to date with the fitness trends yet chooses to train and promote in solid sound concepts. Whatever she presents in or teaches she does with conviction and passion. With the aim of educating her classes and clients in a fun motivational way. She recently trained as a Trigger Point Pilates Instructor with Lydia Campbell and now presenting at consumer fitness events spreading the word of the benefits fascia release in a TPP Class. Watch out for Helen at FitCamps events.
Sue Secker, 
Potters Resort Events Manager
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Helen is an amazing instructor who is dedicated, takes pride in her class planning, full of energy and passion.

If you've not been to Helen's class you are sure to not only leave feeling as though you've worked out but also with her contagious smile on your face.
Andy Lucus, 
Fitness Fiesta Director
Helen is an inspiring and charismatic presenter and is a long-standing member of the Fitness Fiesta team. She is much liked by both teachers and the general public who come back to her classes time after time. She is extremely knowledgeable in her chosen field and also has the ability to adapt her classes to whatever level is required and her strong teaching skills enable her to work with groups of mixed ability. She is creative, versatile and ebullient in a way which transforms a simple class into a memorable performance.
Michael King, 
MK Pilates Director
Helen is a talented and wonderful presenter, she has a love for Pilates which comes through in her sessions. She is delight to have at any event and her giving personality ensures it is a relaxed and enjoyable experience for those in her class.
Cherry Baker,
 Modern Pilates Director
I have worked and played with Helen for many years. She was a student but I am now proud to say she's my friend.

I've often said if we could bottle her energy and enthusiasm we could make a million!
Julie Washer, 
Class Member
I have been attending Helen’s Pilates classes for 3 years now. There are no other Pilates teachers like her. I will explain why. During this time every part of my body has truly benefitted. I am more flexible, my neck and shoulders are much improved and I have a much better posture. 

Helen’s knowledge and expertise is outstanding. She frequently brings new exercises to class as she regularly develops her knowledge and learns new techniques by attending a very wide range of various training courses. Therefore, I experience an extensive range of different exercises which are effective, challenging and benefit all parts of my body. She easily adapts exercises to meet individual needs of everyone in her classes and her very clear instructions guide you effectively through each exercise. 

Helen makes Pilates fun and when on occasions I have felt low her classes lift you right back up and always leave you wanting more!! An absolutely fantastic Pilates teacher!! So lucky to have you, Helen.
Class Member
I have been doing Pilates for 9 years with Helen; I started just before I got the devastating diagnosis of Motor Neurone Disease (MND). It took 3 long years to diagnose and I have a rare form which is slower burning and means my muscles won’t waste. MND kills the nerves in the brain that tell the muscles what to do, it’s progressive with no cure and renders the person trapped in a failing body but the intelligence isn’t affected. I had heard of Pilates during this time and thought it might help me anyway. Helen has supported me throughout the 9 years and has seen me go from a mobile person with ‘normal’ too stiff muscles, losing my speech and seeing my hands and arms get less dextrose. She has adapted exercises so I can do them; she stretches my legs as my arms can’t hold the band any more. She now has to pick me up after floor exercises but nothing is too much trouble for Helen.

I think if I hadn’t done Pilates with Helen I would be a lot worse now, maybe in a wheelchair full time. Working on the core muscles has helped my balance and keep my muscles moving,
strong and looser than they would have been.

Why did I get involved with Pulseroll?

How I Broke My Neck: My Story
So 2016 was the year I hit 50! So me being me I decided to do something slightly off the cuff and crazy and decided to enter a ’dead lifting competition’!
Training was going well and I was improving every week until 2 weeks before the competition – March 3rd 2016 will haunt me forever……..

I was practicing my usual 100kg squat when I heard and felt my neck snap – the bar had rolled. Within minutes I knew I had to get to A and E as soon as possible as my neck was seizing up. I was rushed in, examined, x rayed and scanned – and then the news I dreaded – the doctor sat me down and told me that the weight of the bar had completely fractured my Spinous Process at C7…….. all I could think of was how was I going to teach my Pilates classes and would I be paralysed. I was also told that the break was so severe the bone would never fuse again.
Without going into all the minor details the next few months were very difficult, my main issue was lack of movement with my scapulae (shoulder blades) so my arm movements were limited, it was like being semi paralysed muscularly not neurally. however I soldiered on teaching and presenting.

November 2016 was to change my life….I was invited to present Pilates for FitCamps. I was driving to Blackpool when one of my true best friends Chico (yes the x factor favourite) called me, he was teaching there too and asked me to see him as soon as I arrived as he had something to show me…… the Pulseroll!

At this point I still had shoulder restrictions, he laid me down and placed the Pulseroll across my thoracic spine (upper back) as I laid on the roller I knew this was going to help me. It ended up changing my life.
As soon as I got back home I ordered my own Pulseroll and within 2 months of using the roller I was down to 1 physio a month instead of weekly and I had full range of movement through my shoulders.

My neck is still broken and will remain broken, the bone is held in place with fibrous connective tissue, however, using my Pulseroll regularly maintains my full range of movement by breaking down fascia, connective tissue, scar tissue and muscle tension in my thoracic spine, plus I am back to training at the gym 3 x a week!

Special thanks goes to my soul bro Chico and to Pulseroll director Paul McCabe without you guys and my Pulseroll….well who knows…..
I am super proud now to be part of the Pulseroll management team as their Master presenter which means I get to showcase, share my story and inspire others on all of the major Fitness and Pilates conventions UK wide travelling further afield in 2017 to Ibiza and Athens where i filmed my showcase for a live channel that reaches out to Mind Body enthusiasts in 28 countries worldwide.


Helen is Master Trainer, Co Course Director and Assistant Events Manager for Pulseroll UK, vibrating massage products ! 
We currently have the peanut ball, single ball, classic and pro roller and the vibrating gun.
Pulseroll is now leading the way in the health and well being field as Helen is now teaching the training courses and presenting  UK and worldwide these amazing products.
These new must-have accessories are for athletes, physios and fitness enthusiasts or for anybody who wishes to release tightness and unwanted tension from the body, improve health and wellbeing and functional movement.
Pulseroll products are used by professional athletes, fitness enthusiasts and gym goers to help speed up injury rehabilitation, or by the general public who wish to maintain a healthy mobile body.

Uses Of Pulseroll

  • Improve Pilates/ Yoga practice
  • Helps alleviate pain
  • Enhances sports performance
  • Improve posture
  • ​Improve blood flow
  • ​Improve muscle tone and build
  • ​Increase mobility and flexibility
I am aware of my own health and physical condition, and having knowledge that my participation in any exercise program may be injurious to my health, am voluntarily participating in a physical activity. Having such knowledge, I hereby acknowledge this release, any representatives, agents and successors from liability for accidental injury or illness which I may incur as a result of participating in the said physical activity. I hereby assume all risks connected therewith and consent to participate in said program.
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