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What is Pilates – Pilates is a system of whole body movements incorporating the 6 Joseph Pilates Principles. Breath, centre, concentration, control, flow and precision. Without our principles it just becomes a movement class!

Who is Pilates for? – Pilates has something to offer people of all ages and levels of ability and fitness from the pure beginner to elite athlete.

What are the health benefits of Pilates – Pilates can improve posture, balance and joint mobility, increase flexibility as well as relieve stress and tension enabling you to move and hold yourself better.

Can Pilates help reduce back pain – There is scientific evidence that pilates can provide pain relief to people with non-specific lower back pain. In Pilates you create your very own corset of strength and strengthen the muscles that support your spine.

“Taking regular Pilates classes is like taking an insurance policy out on your body so you can continue doing the things you love doing for the rest of your life, or like a weekly MOT for your body”

My aim is make you feel better, look better and move better!

Pilates with Helen

Can only be described as life changing.

Beginners Pilates

This is the Pilates foundation class – designed to take you step by step through the 6 principles behind the Pilates technique and to help you build familiarity with Pilates mat exercises. You will learn how to develop better posture by increasing core strength, improve balance and stability and increase mobility and flexibility – this is what Pilates is famous for! Perfect for those new to Pilates – we focus on bringing you the fundamentals that will allow you to move with more freedom, control and precision in your everyday life.

Improvers/Advanced Pilates

Once familiarised with the Pilates method, the fundamental movements and you have built up your core strength you can then challenge further. Improvers Pilates offers you more challenging movements. We combine the movements using small pieces of equipment to take you to the next level- foam roller, balance pads, fitness circle, flex bands, toning balls and small ball are some examples of the equipment you will use!

Joseph Pilates

“In 10 sessions you’ll feel the difference, in 20 sessions you’ll see a difference, and in 30 sessions you’ll have a new body.

Body Control Pilates

“Pilates is a mind and body training programme which helps to keep you both mentally and physically in shape. Pilates teaches you to be aware of your body and your movements. As you learn the Fundamentals of Alignment, Breathing and Centering (Core Stability) you will immediately notice (or perhaps others will!) an improvement in your posture, you will stand taller. Even after a few sessions you should find you are more flexible, your balance and co-ordination will improve and you’ll start to tone up all over, particularly around your middle as you streamline your body.” Lynne Robinson – Founder of Body Control Pilates.

Chair Exercise Class

This ‘fun’ chair based exercise class is for those who would like to improve their health and well being but struggle to get on and off the floor.
My aim is to improve your mobility, flexibility and core strength. Other factors to be included that will benefit you are….Improved posture, alleviate joint and back pain and increase your balance by using the ‘chair’ to do standing stability work.
We shall be using small equipment such as small balls and flex bands and my hedgehogs will also make an occasional appearance too!

Class structure – 45 minutes

Warm up/mobility

Seated pilates

Seated cardio

Standing balance and functional movements [holding onto Chair]

Seated conditioning

**Please Note** you will need to download this form, fill it in and bring with you to my class.

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Helen is an inspiring and charismatic presenter and is a long standing member of the Fitness Fiesta team. She is much liked by both teachers and the general public who come back to her classes time after time. She is extremely knowledgeable in her chosen field and also has the ability to adapt her classes to whatever level is required and her strong teaching skills enable her to work with groups of mixed ability. She is creative, versatile and ebullient in a way which transforms a simple class into a memorable performance. - Andy Lucas - Director Fitness Fiesta
Helen is an amazing instructor who is a dedicated, takes pride in his class planning, full of energy and passion. If you've not been to Helens class you are sure to not only leave feeling as though you've worked out but also with her contagious smile on your face. - Sue Futter - Events manager Potters Resort
Helen Pybus is one of the most proactive ladies in the fitness industry in the Uk, she motivates others to learn and experience new ways to get fit through her infectious bubbly humorous nature when teaching. She is a long standing presenter and has recently joined the FitCamps presenting team gaining great feed back at the Annual FitCamps Instructor convention , She always keeps up to date with the fitness trends yet chooses to train and promote in solid sound concepts . What ever she presents in or teaches she does with conviction and passion.With the aim of educating her classes and clients in a fun motivational way . She recently trained as a Trigger Point Pilates Instructor with Lydia Campbell ,and now presenting at consumer fitness events spreading the word of the benefits fascia release in a TPP Class. Watch out for Helen at FitCamps events 2016. - Lydia Campbell - Director Fit Camps / Trigger Point Pilates
Helen is a talented and wonderful presenter, she has a love for Pilates which comes through in her sessions. She is delight to have at any event and her giving personality ensures it is a relaxed and enjoyable experience for those in her class. - Michael King - Director Michael King Pilates
Pilates was recommended to me by my chiropractor, but I kept putting off joining because I thought that I could manage my back problem without the bother of attending a weekly group. So I didn’t start going until my back problem was so bad that I could not walk without pain. That was 4 years ago. I have been a regular at Helen’s beginners group since then and Pilates has made a huge difference to the quality of my life. I was worried about going because I didn’t know what to expect and I thought that I would not be able to do any of the exercises because of my back pain but Helen took me through the initial exercises with lots of care and attention. Her enthusiasm and commitment to Pilates instruction is exceptional. She knows exactly what level to take me to and always alters exercises to fit my particular needs as my back problem does flare up occasionally. Having suffered from back pain for many years the reward from a ‘little’ hard work whilst always keeping our ‘pilates faces’ has been completely worthwhile. - Sarah Brown